From the album Rap Dialogue

This a rap cover and sample on Hip-Hop classics, to re-visit the spirit and culture of Hip-Hop.


Verse 1
omo bami jo, shole bami boogie,
shortie looking (w)right acting like she's "BUKKY" / swag on pass i be looking all swooshy / o mo kpe mo gallant, shebi emi (
ni ) MITSUBISHI / shori bi mo shey fe, bee naa ni o se ma je / its food for thought, mo maa ko e b'o se maa je / i never run away, the only time i'd disappear ( Diss - a - par) is when im in a minaj est toi " thats "FVCK" - "you and your friend" / lo maa roo bii tuwo / abi amala are u ready to go / if youre ready then mo le je ki o tu roo / i write mafia i'm Mario Puozo / Lagos island, gbe sun mo / my fore-sight (foresythe) see goons in OKESUNA / hawley, sandgrouse, hunh! i sound Ross / even in the east nwanne i sound RAW.

Verse 2

omode yi jor
jowo jor jor
mo ki eh jor
towo towo
normally i should be called shomo shomo
because anywhere i enter i fit comot omoh
and i know u know some haters well fuck them
best believe i know the people wet go touch them
shark in the water me no send them
den be cray fish
na my condition wet go bend them
e get d way way i go bend you
you na level one me na 20 like 10 2’s
body like the water in the kettle
kettle on the fire
fire like sun
in a sweat suit
i am
bette than aboki wet believe say den be kaya
middle finger to your ginger
your vibe is zebrudiah
funny to a man like me
you don’t murder with a pen like me
fuck the past how i bang nike
im in the future nigga pls
o.p.p. no pity am so diddy
make babes a mad hit like i know kiki.

Written By: Ogunmefun Olanrewaju David