From the album Rap Dialogue

This a rap cover and sample on Hip-Hop classics, to re-visit the spirit and culture of Hip-Hop.


Verse 1

The money where I'm from is like the London bridge
it's popularly known for falling down
only wise ones get your shit
the ones who fall and ignore the groundç.
get back up and rise to the occasion
and spray money like the African you are
wan be the dog try the Caucasian
surely u'll get bigger than the puppy that u are
every flow like a moonshine
underground but the high is good time
me and My self are highest two
and take a piss on d world
that's how you rain
dirty is money from the dirty work
them ball hard cos you're mud rich
Then ball harder than u care bitch
ball so hard cos you're rare bitch
clap.back haters with d savage

I just wna be human
I just wna be me
society is shackled
i just wna be free
people are suicidal I'm saying God forbid but if he did
i guess i wouldn't have to say God forbid
but I'm sure the law forbids
I guess I should be scared about the jail over the times I attempted and failed
no offence to the lord cos he did a lot for me
many many other wars I feel like he fought for me
I dont want to be anything but a man with a heart
no feminism or masculinism
just a man with a heart
the white garment way burn candles alot
majorly because people are trying to handle alot
the pentecost now comes with plenty costs
arresting like handy cuffs
using the lord name to get the trust
clear the dust
imparing your vision and get the right scene
I wrote this last night
whilst sight seeing
in my head
I had more than a penny for my own thoughts
Fucked around and created my own vault
Intellectual property couldn't be safer

One man top HiS own game with no neighbours