From the album Rap Dialogue

This a rap cover and sample on Hip-Hop classics, to re-visit the spirit and culture of Hip-Hop.


Verse 1

oh my God
I was born here
but i took a bomb into my memory and bombed here
but here is back again in my head
so much anxiety
too much work
fuck it
go ahead and fire me
cos am done with the brain wash
I cant want to speak then u say hush!
see I feel what is right
but your actions are making me maybe feel it wasn't right
I mean the feeling
like how are we okay with all the killings
my thinking above the ceiling when I measure the worry
hurting the feeling
but people are acting like it's a lie
that is a lie
cos even you know you cant tell me that it's a lie
when we see eye to eye
leave tryna stay fly
but you see
me I dey real enough to tell myself how e dey go
not caring if people think that I'm a great guy
which leaves you
fake guy
your peoples dead bodies
floating on the bay side
do u feel alone like when you meditate life
break time
take 5
and come back to the reality
and wonder why you really mad at me

is it because u fear the truth is here
the throne is for the truth
the truth is heir